Rosie Napravnik: Jockey-ing for position

Rosie Napravnik Photo: Crawford Ifland


There was a time when being a jockey was a man’s thing.  Thanks in large part to women like Rosie Napravnik the landscape of the sport has evolved.

Rosie is synonymous with horses.  She has been on, and around, horses since she was a toddler.

Rosie has accomplished things few others have.  She is the first female rider to capture the Louisiana Derby, the sixth woman to ride and place in the Kentucky Derby, and the first woman to win the Kentucky Oaks.

On being a female jockey: “I don’t feel like I paved the way for females in the industry.  There will always be an issue in racing-especially for a jockey.  After establishing that I was capable, I was not lacking opportunities.”

Rosie announced her retirement in 2014, as she and husband, trainer Joe Sharp, were expecting their first child.

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