Lesley Riley, CEO of Mama Biscuit’s, scores distribution deal with Wal-Mart, Whole Foods and Other Major Grocers

Mama Biscuits CEO Lesley Riley said she hopes to expand her services to monthly cooking/baking classes for children and millennials. (Image courtesy of Lesley Riley)

Tried and true family recipes are passed down from generation to generation with love.  Lesley Riley, the CEO of Mama Biscuit’s, has turned her grandmother’s 127-year-old biscuit recipe into dollars.

After years of only cooking for family and friends, Lesley Riley decided it was time to hop back in the kitchen. Now she’s the face of a must-have gourmet biscuit brand offering more than 60 mouth-watering products — and they’re coming to a store near you.

Riley, the founder and CEO of Mama Biscuit, has a lot to celebrate this year after scoring major distribution deals in Walmart, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club and Amazon, among others. To make things sweeter, the company is also celebrating its four-year anniversary.

Click here to read more about Lesley’s rise to the top (HT to Tanasia Kenney).

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