Kim Ng: Will She Become Major League Baseball’s First Female GM?



A more traditional profession such as law is what Kim Ng’s parents had in mind for their eldest daughter.  But armed with a degree in public policy, Ng applied for a variety of jobs at different sports organizations.  Today she has emerged as one of the top-ranking women in professional baseball.

Ng’s strong work ethic and dedication convinced then-White Sox GM Dan Evans that she had the makings of a future top baseball executive.  In 1997, Ng was the director of waivers and records at the American League, a job traditionally left to men. A year later Yankees GM Brian Cashman hired her, making Ng the youngest assistant general manager in Major League Baseball.  With the Yankees, she helped build a team that won three championships, successfully negotiating the contracts of Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Paul O’Neill.

In 2011, Ng entered her 20th year in professional baseball.  Currently, she serves as the senior vice president of baseball operations for Major League Baseball.  Ng’s peers say she has paid her dues.

Will baseball finally allow a woman to hit from a man’s tee?

“I want to say yes,” says Joe Torres, MLB’s executive vice president for operations and Ng’s boss. “I always talk her up at owners’ meetings. At some point, somebody just has to ignore the fact that she’s a woman and just make a baseball decision. And if they do that, then I think she will get an opportunity. Somewhere.”



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