How Gabby Douglas should wear her hair


Artistic gymnast Gabby Douglas flipped and tumbled her way to gold, and into our hearts,  during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Gabby has the ability to fly so high during her release moves that USA Gymnastics women’s national team coordinator Martha Karolyi gifted her the nickname “Flying Squirrel”.  Only it was not Gabby’s athletic prowess that dominated headlines.  It was her physical appearance.

Gabby was ridiculed for not having “national television worthy hair”.


Fast forward to the Rio 2016 Olympic games and the same holds true.

Gabby continues to face criticism about the way her hair looks instead of what her body can do.

Confident girls are molded and shaped by love and encouragement.

Shaming has to end if we are to build a nation of strong women.

So to Gabby Douglas, wear your hair however you want!  You are beautiful just the way you are!






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