Happy Birthday: Crunches & Couture Has Turned A Year Old!

Me (Gemina) celebrating Crunches & Couture’s Year Old Birthday in a cute tee.

I like to write.  I started this blog as a creative outlet.  A way to hone my writing skills.  But writing about these illustrious women and their breakthroughs, Crunches & Couture has become so much more for me.

Through the stories of these women, I have found a new sense of being.  I want to be more, do more.  I want to make contributions to society and my life in ways I never have.  If Alysia Montano could compete in her second USA Track and Field Championship while eight months pregnant, what is standing in my way (no pun intended)?

It is my hope that any young girl or woman who comes across my blog will become the woman they need or needed…the role model they seek or has sought in others.

Happy birthday to us!


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