Dawn Cook & Stephanie Johnson Take Flight As Delta Air Lines First African American Female Cockpit Crew

Left to Right: Delta’s Captain Stephanie Johnson and First Officer Dawn Cook

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), African-Americans make up just over 2 percent of the commercial airline pilots in the United States.  African-American women account for less than 1 percent.   Despite the statistics, minorities in flight decks are growing in number and history has been made.

For the first time in Delta Air Lines history, two black female pilots—including the company’s first black female captain—flew a mainline flight in the cockpit together.

When Atlanta-based First Officer Dawn Cook learned that Detroit-based Capt. Stephanie Johnson was planning to fly out of Detroit on Sunday, Feb. 26, she reached out to Johnson to plan the historic flight, according to the Delta News Hub.

Congratulations and Happy Flying are in order ladies!

Click here to read more about this historic flight (HT to Fiza Pirani).

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