#Giftedbyadidas: Ultraboost Laceless Are The Most Comfortable Shoes Ever!!

Firstly, my adidas family (because that’s what we are…umkay?) is nothing short of amazing!  I am beyond grateful for the ways in which they always respond to my interest.

With that being said, the shipment that I received on Friday was filled with heat!  Oh my goodness!  Listen.  I can’t wear everything at once, so I will start with this tough track jacket and these super comfortable laceless ultraboost.

My favorite color is green, and my sorority’s colors are pink and green.  Everything in my package came in variations of these two colors.

The collegiate green, iconic 3-stripes track jacket is sporty, but edgy.  I can pair it with jeans or track pants, whatever suits my mood.

The pink laceless ultraboost are beautiful.  Yes, beautiful! Beautiful and comfortable.  They aid, rather than restrict, my movement.

You see them!

Again, thank you adidas (family) for the nice apparel and treats for my feet!

Stay tuned for more of my adidas style posts.


4 Days Until Election Day: “We All Have The Same Power At The Polls”

You have the right to vote.  Many state and local elections will take place this Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

“Every single one of us, every single one of us has the same power at the polls. And every single one of us has something that if done in numbers too big to tamper with cannot be suppressed and cannot be denied. As our civil rights predecessors used to say, ‘We shall not be moved.'” ~Oprah Winfrey

If you don’t vote…you don’t count!

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Raised Over $1 Million In 24 Hours For Historically Black Colleges And Universities

Historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) have played pivotal roles in the African-American community, educating our leaders who would not have been, otherwise, privileged to higher learning.

Presently, many of the HBCUs are struggling financially while facing declining enrollment.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated says “not on our watch”. We care about the vibrancy and longevity of our schools. When the call to raise $1 million in 1 day was issued, it was answered with fervor.

Over $1 million days has been raised to impact HBCUs, seeing to it that their doors stay open for generations to come.

I am beyond proud to be a member of this trailblazing organization.

Adidas Can Grab Market Share In The U.S. By Adding More Female Voices To Its Footwear Design Collaborations

68% of millennial women are unfazed by a celebrity spokesperson’s influence when promoting a brand/product (Source: Influential-Central, 2016).  Nearly 70% seek in-person word-of-mouth purchase recommendations (Source: Influential-Central, 2016).  In congruence, women don’t treat athletes like heroes.  In fact, 69% of millennial moms use blogs to learn about new products.

If brands such as Adidas want to increase market share, they must change the way they design for and communicate with women.  Women want more variety in aesthetically pleasing shoe designs meant for casual wear versus performance, shoes that can be paired with jeans or dresses.   Adidas could stand a boost (no pun intended) to its Adidas Originals, or lifestyle product line.  It would serve Adidas well to open the brand up to more female consumers, everyday women with a passion for fashion.

“Just because something works…doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” ~ Shuri, Black Panther

Bottom line: Engage female consumers to better understand what we are looking for.

Adidas dress and EQT sneakers (not my preferred choice for this dress)

Adidas leggings (My faves)


Adidas Women’s Product Review: The Right Apparel Makes A Big Difference

I believe in the adage that when you look good you feel good.  This carries over into the gym.

In this post, I will be reviewing apparel from the Adidas Women’s collection that makes you feel like a high performance athlete.

The first thing I noticed about the Ultimate Training Tights as I was pulling them on was the motivational quote on the inside, front.  I love positive quotes.  They move me to action.  I have an entire section dedicated to them on my blog (Inspirational Vitamin).

The quote inside of the tights reads “Before you quit remember why you started.”

On this dreary day, I wanted to stay in bed and watch horrible lifetime movies, but seeing this quote gave me the extra push needed to keep going.

Quote inside tights “Before You Quit Remember Why You Started”

These tights pass the squat, lunge and stretch test. I can bend without the tights rolling down my waist.


These tights are made of moisture-wicking Climalite fabric.  Climalite pulls the sweat away from the skin and moves it to the outside of the fabric where it can evaporate quickly.


The bonded waistband also provides comfort and support with high compression that hugs the muscles during training.  In addition, the tights are made from recycled polyester which saves resources and decreases emission. Why not save the planet while working out?!

The emblem on the hip is reflective ensuring optimum visibility in low light.

Reflective Technology on emblem

The strappy bra is ideal for low impact exercises.  The strappy construction keeps you ventilated.  If you have a small bust this is the bra for you.  As with the tights, this bra is also made with a reflective emblem.

Reflective Technology on emblem

The Performer Strappy Tank is also made with the Climalite fabric, keeping you cool dry and comfortable.

Strappy Tank

I ended my workout with a childhood favorite…hula hooping!  Or more like “hula walking”! Look ma…no hands! <- I couldn’t resist.

Hula Walking

Whether you choose yoga, cycling or the gym…these garments are ideal.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.  The items featured may be found at the following link (adidas.com)

I have been #giftedbyadidas