Pam Oliver Named 2018 Gracie Awards Winner

Pam Oliver FOX Sports

Premier sports reporter Pam Oliver has been named a 2018 Gracie Awards winner.  The Gracie Awards, via the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) “celebrates storytellers who change the narrative and push boundaries” (

The Alliance for Women in Media Foundation spotlights “prolific women in the industry who continue to inspire and support others, break down barriers and lead by example in creating opportunity for future generations.”

In its 43rd year, the gala is set for May 22 at the Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles.

Oliver joined the NFL on FOX in 1995.  She graduated from Florida A & M University with a degree in broadcast journalism.


Don’t Let It Get To You!

Dogs don’t bark at parked cars.  Just know that if you are moving, people are talking.  Whether their words are good or bad…don’t let them in!  Be unbothered and unbossed!

Adidas Can Grab Market Share In The U.S. By Adding More Female Voices To Its Footwear Design Collaborations

68% of millennial women are unfazed by a celebrity spokesperson’s influence when promoting a brand/product (Source: Influential-Central, 2016).  Nearly 70% seek in-person word-of-mouth purchase recommendations (Source: Influential-Central, 2016).  In congruence, women don’t treat athletes like heroes.  In fact, 69% of millennial moms use blogs to learn about new products.

If brands such as Adidas want to increase market share, they must change the way they design for and communicate with women.  Women want more variety in aesthetically pleasing shoe designs meant for casual wear versus performance, shoes that can be paired with jeans or dresses.   Adidas could stand a boost (no pun intended) to its Adidas Originals, or lifestyle product line.  It would serve Adidas well to open the brand up to more female consumers, everyday women with a passion for fashion.

“Just because something works…doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.” ~ Shuri, Black Panther

Bottom line: Engage female consumers to better understand what we are looking for.

Adidas dress and EQT sneakers (not my preferred choice for this dress)

Adidas leggings (My faves)


You Keep On Knocking…But You Can’t Come In!

Sometimes we have our hearts and minds set on what we want.  Anything that deviates from the picture in our mind’s eye will not do. But be careful, this unwillingness to bend can keep you from living the life you should be living.

God (the universe or whatever you believe in) has a way of trying to nudge us in the direction in which we should go.  This nudging comes in many forms…rejection, breakups, layoffs etc.

When something is for you…the path will be clear.  Nothing and no one can stand in your way.

I am not telling you to give up on your dreams, but I am telling you to be still and listen.  You may be forcing open a door that would’ve been better off sealed shut with cement.