Meet Hannah Beachler: Production Designer Of Black Panther

Hannah Beachler Getty Images

Production designers are responsible for the visual concept of a film, television or theatre production.  They work closely with the director or producer.

Hannah Beachler is the creative mastermind behind the fictitious country everyone wants to pack their bags and visit, Black Panther’s Wakanda.

If you’ve seen Fruitvale Station, Moonlight or Beyoncé’s magnum opus, Lemonade, then you’ve enjoyed Hannah Beachler’s work. From the opening credits to the final shot, the Hollywood production designer creates unforgettable worlds for viewers.

Beachler has one of the most underappreciated jobs in the film industry. But make no mistake: Her role is crucial. “It’s my job to make the director’s vision come to life,” she says. However, her route to success has hardly been a straight shot. Here, Beachler takes us through the winding roads that led to her enviable position.

Click here to read more about how Hannah’s career came to be (HT Jihan Thompson).

Simple Math: Your Thoughts Determine Your Destiny

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen!  Breakthroughs are on the way!

Odette Harris: Stanford University’s First Black Female Professor Of Neurosurgery

Odette Harris

Dr. Odette Harris is the first black woman Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University’s Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System.  She has served as the director of brain injury in the department of neurosurgery and the associate chief of staff of polytrauma and rehabilitation at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Health Care System since 2009.

Harris developed a passion for the physical sciences and chemistry while studying at an all-girls high school.

“All those cliches about girl schools and empowering girls and women, I think they’re true,” Harris said in an interview with Stanford Medicine.

You Are In HIS Hands!

God has you just like HE had you the last time and the time before that and that other time and the time after and before that.