You Can’t Call Yourself An Inspirational Blogger If You Haven’t Faced Your Own Fears: My First Animal Encounter In Turks And Caicos

You Can’t Call Yourself An Inspirational Blogger If You Haven’t Faced Your Own Fears: My First Animal Encounter In Turks And Caicos

Horseback riding on Blue Hills Beach Turks and Caicos

I grew up an only child.  A puppy, a chow we named Sheba, would be the only addition to the family.  At eight weeks old, Sheba was extremely furry and feisty.  Our playtime was awkward.  Running towards me, Sheba looked more like a bear cub out to devour my spirit than a puppy looking for hugs.  Our union lasted a week.

8 week old Chow

I am not weird!

There is a name for this thing I carried into my adulthood.  Zoophobia is the abnormal fear of animals.  I would climb a pole to get away from anything walking on four legs.  That is until I visited the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos for my mother’s birthday weekend of July 21, 2017.

Grace Bay Beach Turks and Caicos

On the beach, with the sky above our heads and sand beneath our feet, I read a pamphlet of things to do while on the island.  Horseback riding was popular.  Me? Horse? Never.

But, with drink in hand, a question popped into my head.  “How can you run a blog, looking to inspire other women, when you haven’t faced your own fears?”  And with that, I booked us a ride for July 23.

Me…thinking. Turks and Caicos

We were picked up from our hotel by Wendal of Unique Tours.  Along the way, I reiterated my concerns of never having held or touched an animal.  I was nervous.  Wendal assured me I would be fine.  The ocean would be at my right hand and he would be at my left.

When we arrived at Blue Hills Beach, the horses and trainers were awaiting us.  We were given instruction on how to speed up or slow down.  I was then shown how to mount “Muka”.  I took a deep breath and relaxed.

Muka was well behaved and gentle.  The thought of being atop a 1,000 pound horse didn’t enter my mind at all.  I did not run or scream for my life. Before I knew it, an hour had passed. 

At the end of the tour, I felt triumphant.  I faced a self-imposed fear head on and was able to share it with my mom.  Round 1.  I won.

Wendal’s Unique Tours Turks and Caicos

Do you have any fears to overcome?

Just The Good Parts!

Marjorie Scardino: First Woman To Serve As Board Member At Twitter

Marjorie Scardino

Having women executives matters not just for purposes of equality, business analysts say, but for product development and the bottom line.

Twitter, the high-profile social networking company, went under fire for going to IPO (Initial Public Offering) with a seven-member all male board, the body that oversees strategy at the company and decides important issues like executive compensation.

Dick Costolo, Twitter’s former chief executive, found it difficult finding a woman to be on the board.

In 2013, the company welcomed Marjorie Scardino.  She is the former chief executive officer of Pearson, a London-based education and media conglomerate.  Marjorie has also served on the board of Nokia.

Born in Arizona and raised in Texas, Marjorie became a rodeo star before switching to journalism and law.