Latondria Jones: Boxing’s newest beast has an 18 second KO under her belt


Latondria Jones realized at the age of 17 that she wanted to become a boxer.  The 5’6 mother of one daughter is now the first lady of Mayweather Promotions.  In 2012, Jones met Lanell Bellows another boxer singed under Mayweather Promotions at a fight and was convinced to visit the Mayweather Boxing Club.  The rest, as they say, is history or herstory rather.

After three years of training, Jones was offered an opportunity to box professionally by the world’s best pound for pound boxer, in four different weight classes, Floyd Mayweather.

Jones has garnered four wins and two knockouts.  One of those knockouts clocked in at 18 seconds.

When asked if she surprised herself with that 18 second knockout Jones stated, “No.  It was just another fight for me.  I train for whoever.”

How Gabby Douglas should wear her hair


Artistic gymnast Gabby Douglas flipped and tumbled her way to gold, and into our hearts,  during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Gabby has the ability to fly so high during her release moves that USA Gymnastics women’s national team coordinator Martha Karolyi gifted her the nickname “Flying Squirrel”.  Only it was not Gabby’s athletic prowess that dominated headlines.  It was her physical appearance.

Gabby was ridiculed for not having “national television worthy hair”.


Fast forward to the Rio 2016 Olympic games and the same holds true.

Gabby continues to face criticism about the way her hair looks instead of what her body can do.

Confident girls are molded and shaped by love and encouragement.

Shaming has to end if we are to build a nation of strong women.

So to Gabby Douglas, wear your hair however you want!  You are beautiful just the way you are!






Be Fearless


Don’t forget to be awesome!


Sophia Chang and Melody Ehsani discuss importance of women in sneaker design



More than 100 people gathered in Atlanta on August 5 to hear a panel of trailblazing women speak about the impacts they have made in the sneaker industry.  The amazing High Museum of Art was host to “Where are the Women in Sneaker Design?”

The main event was a panel discussion moderated by High Museum of Art’s own Marci Tate.  The panelists included:

Lauren Amos, owner of Wish Atlanta, retail home of coveted designs and select accounts such as Adidas Consortium and Nike Tier Zero.

Sophia Chang, a designer and illustrator based in Queens, New York.  She created a line of sneakers with PUMA.

Melody Ehsani, a designer and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles.  She created a line of sneakers with Reebok.

One central theme throughout the discussion was the importance of women knowing their worth when entering male dominated industries.  The panelists always knew they were as capable as anyone else and never gave up.

It is imperative that young girls know they are enough.  With hard work and determination anything is possible.

It was inspiring to be reminded that no dream is too big.

The night concluded with sounds from local musicians Speakerfoxxx and Bosco on the Sifly Piazza along with free admission to the exhibit, “The Rise of Sneaker Culture”.  This exhibit included 155 pairs of sneakers and looks at how they evolved and became an important part of American footwear.


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